Dinero World

Dinero World

Dinero World is set to be a pioneering platform, introducing an innovative concept to the market: the purchase of virtual characters and personas that exist in the real world. These could be footballers, actors, singers, politicians, or any notable figure. Users benefit from real-world events related to their characters. This model will create a new betting experience, one that enhances the social and fun aspects of gambling. It aims to reduce the potential for addiction and increase the users' advantage over traditional house-based betting. In fact, in Dinero World, users aren't playing against the house, but rather against other players, revolutionizing the traditional dynamics of gambling.

Dinero World Main Features:

Market: In the market, you can search for characters by categories, industries, names, and more to find the ones you want to add to your team. You can sort by price, trending, and popularity. From the market, you can directly purchase characters, as well as burn or sell them.

Your Team: Your team displays the main characters you have selected to lead in the next session. These characters will collect points for you in upcoming sessions, so it's important to keep your team up-to-date to maximize point accumulation! While you can own an infinite number of characters, there is a limit to how many can be in your team at any given time.

Sessions: In the sessions section, you can find the latest live sessions to join and participate in. These sessions allow you to enter your team, register, and lock your team for a certain timeframe. Multiple players can join the same session to compete, aiming to achieve the highest scores and collect a percentage of the prize pool.

How Do You Collect Points? Each character has unique characteristics and specifications for earning points. For example, a football player might earn you a certain amount of points for scoring a goal, while an artist might earn points for breaking records, and so on.

How Do You Win? The more points you collect, the higher your rank. The higher you rank, the larger the portion you receive from the defined prize pool.

All these mechanisms aim to create a fun experience for our users with minimal risk and a big potential to win rewards! Stay tuned for more updates!

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