Poker Rules & terms


  • Use a variety of tokens and chains for deposits, offering an engaging poker experience with minimal fees.

  • Deposits may incur chain fees and transaction fees from respective chains and platforms, which are not imposed by our platform.


  • Withdrawals can be requested at any time.

  • Ensure your withdrawal meets our minimum requirement.

  • Double-check the accuracy of addresses and chains used.

  • Confirm funds are not frozen or acquired illegally.

  • Verify ownership of the wallet used for depositing.

Withdrawal Policies and Guidelines

  • Withdrawals may be declined if recent deposit funds have not been used in gameplay.

Processing Times and Investigations

  • Suspicious or unusual withdrawals may undergo manual reviews. As long as your activities are legal, your funds are secure.

Emails and Registration:

  • Using a fake email or employing third-party services that sell emails and temporary email addresses is prohibited. Engaging in these activities will result in your withdrawals not being approved, and your account will be permanently banned.

  • You cannot use the platform without verifying your email.

  • Creating a new Gmail account may trigger an investigation, which could lead to a ban if we find other suspicious red flags, such as the creation of multiple accounts.

  • The best option is to use email addresses with extensions.


  • We reserve the right to decline deposits and withdrawals if our rules are violated.

  • If your account is hacked, contact support immediately using your registered email. We will issue a verification code for password reset.

  • Email changes for your account are not permitted, adding a layer of security against account takeover.

  • Receive email alerts for unauthorized withdrawal requests, allowing time to act and contact us.

  • We are not responsible for issues arising from compromised account details. It's vital to use strong, secure passwords.

  • Passwords are encrypted and inaccessible to our team and developers.

  • Using the same device, internet connection, or location for two or more players is forbidden and will result in your account being temporarily banned. Additionally, your withdrawals will not be approved.

  • Dumping tokens to other players on tables intentionally as a way to transfer money to them will be automatically detected by our system and will result in a permanent ban. You will not be able to withdraw the dumped funds. This is considered a form of money laundering, and we do not tolerate it on our platform.

Respecting Others, the Community, and Players

Cursing, threatening, and sending hateful messages or expressing racism are not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban. Violators will not be allowed to conduct withdrawals or deposits, or participate in tournaments.

Tournaments and Sit n Go:

  • If you win a tournament, you must have made at least one deposit and used 60% of those deposited funds at poker tables in order to withdraw your prize.

  • If you have never played or deposited and win a tournament, your withdrawal will be denied.

These rules are in place to prevent players from using multiple accounts and fake emails to participate en masse in tournaments. This ensures fairness and integrity for our dedicated and real users. Additionally, these measures are also implemented to prevent money laundering and other problematic activities for which we could be held accountable.

Responsibility for Technical Issues

  • It's important to note that technical issues like bugs, crashes, or internet disconnections can occur during gameplay. We are not responsible for such incidents, as there are countless external factors like hardware, internet, and device platform issues that could cause these problems.

  • To minimize the risk of these issues, ensure your software is up-to-date, your internet connection is stable, and your device is protected and functioning properly.

Bonuses and Rewards Policy

  • Bonuses and rewards are provided to enhance your gaming experience and offer more opportunities to play and profit with zero risks.

  • Attempts to withdraw bonuses without participating in games will be declined. These incentives are meant to be used in gameplay to ensure fair and enjoyable experiences for all our users.

  • Not placing any deposits and playing with deposited money will also result in declined withdrawals. Using only bonuses does not make you eligible for withdrawals.

  • Ensure that you have deposited and used at least 60% of your deposited funds before you attempt to withdraw any bonuses.

Hit and Run Rules

  • Congratulations on winning a big hand! However, to maintain fairness, you might be subject to a cooldown period, during which you cannot re-enter the table with a significantly smaller bankroll. This rule is in place to keep the game fun, engaging, and fair for all players.

  • You are welcome to sit out, withdraw your winnings, and return to play later. This ensures a balanced playing field for everyone at the table.

Legal Compliance and Responsibility

  • Please ensure that you are legally allowed to play online poker in your region and that you are fully aware of the laws in your area. We are not responsible if you participate in poker activities illegally in your region.

  • We do not endorse the use of VPNs or other tools to access our platform in regions where such activities are prohibited. Always ensure you are playing legally.

  • Our platform does not market, endorse, or have agents in countries and regions where such activities are not allowed. Our servers are internationally based and are legally deployed and maintained by professionals who comply with regional laws.

Software Integrity and Fair Play

Our game software is certified, ensuring total fairness and randomization. Our team does not have the capability to modify, alter, or access the software in a way that would compromise its integrity. There are no backdoors or features that allow us to view other users' cards. Additionally, we assure you that there are no fake bots playing at the tables; all players are real humans. This can be verified through various means, such as observing playstyles, engaging in chat interactions, and other recognizable human behaviors.

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