Token Taxation

Token Taxation Structure of the Dinero Token

The Dinero Token incorporates a unique tax function: a 5% tax on every purchase and sale transaction, while maintaining a 0% tax on transfers. This tax system has been pivotal in building our project from scratch, enabling us to accumulate a substantial treasury. This treasury plays a crucial role in funding our project and ensuring its sustainability during the costly development phase.

Before purchasing the Dinero token or using any applications within our ecosystem, it is imperative to understand and agree to the following terms and conditions. By engaging in these activities, you automatically acknowledge and consent to the following:

  1. Tax Awareness: You recognize that the Dinero token is subject to taxation. Each buy or sell transaction incurs a small tax, which is directly allocated to the project’s treasury.

  2. Fund Ownership and Utilization: The funds accumulated through these taxes are exclusively owned by the project and its team. They are utilized at the team’s discretion to further the project's goals and development. Token holders and users are not entitled to these funds; however, they can earn a portion of the ecosystem’s revenue through staking and revenue-sharing mechanisms.

  3. Funds Management: The project’s fund managers have the authority to allocate and maneuver funds in ways they deem safe and in alignment with the project's roadmap and terms. This includes storing funds in various wallets, which may be either cold or hardware-based, depending on the requirements.

  4. Permanency of Tax Structure: The tax mechanism is irrevocable, as the contract is renounced, making any alterations impossible.

  5. Tax Utilization: The collected taxes are primarily used for covering various expenses such as salaries, development costs, branding and design, UI/UX, legal documentation and processes, registration fees, server costs, and other significant and minor expenditures incurred during the development phase.

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