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The $DINERO Token: The Core of the Dinero Ecosystem

The Dinero token stands as the central pillar of the Dinero Ecosystem, serving as the primary currency to facilitate a myriad of activities within our ecosystem. As a holder of the Dinero token, you are empowered to seamlessly deposit and utilize it across our diverse range of decentralized applications.
Furthermore, holding the Dinero token is akin to possessing a stake in the Dinero Ecosystem. This unique position not only signifies your integral role in our community but also entitles you to earn passive income. This income is a proportionate share of the revenue generated across all our applications that collectively constitute our vibrant ecosystem.
Tokenomics: $DINERO is a token on the Ethereum network with its liquidity locked on UNCX. It can be purchased through various swaps and Telegram bots. The token has a limited and fixed supply of 1 billion tokens, all of which are in circulation.
Out of the 1 billion tokens, approximately 0.6% (6 million tokens) have been burned. There are also around 15% of the tokens (150 million tokens) that are blacklisted and frozen. These tokens were blacklisted at launch due to unethical sniping behaviors.
The contract for $DINERO has been renounced, ensuring that no one can alter or change functionalities in the token and contract.
The contract has been audited by Solidproof and is deemed fully safe, reliable, and usable.
There is a fixed tax fee of 5% on purchases and 5% on sales. This tax has helped us remain sustainable throughout the prolonged bear market and has supported the development of our project from scratch.
In the near future, upon the release of new features, we plan to compensate for this tax by giving 100% back to the buyers through certain mechanisms.