🏦 Staking and Revenue Sharing

To reward our users for holding the token that will be central to the Dinero Ecosystem, we have implemented a quick solution through our partnership with UNCX. Rewards will be distributed in DINERO tokens, ETH, and USDT.

You can easily stake tokens and subscribe to reward pools via this link: https://app.uncx.network/chain/mainnet/farm/0x705B04d3f51078Fb0Cc223F7ca4a32F3F7238479

UNCX is among the top, safest, and best platforms for locking in liquidity, farming, staking, and engaging in many other activities with a focus on safety and decentralization.

Staking rules:

  • The minimum timeframe for token lock-up is 2 months.

  • Adding to your staking pool will restart the lock time.

  • APY is subject to change; it can either decrease or increase depending on the activity of the staking pool.

  • Ensure you subscribe to the rewards pools.

  • The maximum staking per pool is 1.5M per wallet.

  • The total staking limit per pool is 20M tokens.

There will be many pools open; every time one is filled, we will create new reward pools since a contract cannot hold more than 20,000,000 tokens due to our 2% maximum wallet limit. This is why new reward pools will be created once the last one is full.

By staking and using the UNCX platform, you confirm and agree that you have read our rules and UNCX's terms and conditions:

  • https://hilo-1.gitbook.io/hilo-white-paper/

  • https://app.uncx.network/terms

  • https://app.uncx.network/terms/privacy-policy

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