Disclaimer for Dinero Token

By trading and purchasing the Dinero Token, you affirm and acknowledge your understanding of the inherent risks associated with the cryptocurrency market. You are aware that this market is highly volatile and can lead to significant financial losses. It is important to recognize that the price of the Dinero Token is subject to market forces and has not been influenced by airdrops, venture capital investments, or team-held tokens from day one. As a user of the Dinero Token, you agree not to hold the Dinero Team accountable for any losses incurred during trading, as the team does not control market dynamics.

Disclaimer for Dinero Gambling Apps

In using the Dinero Gambling Apps, you agree and confirm your understanding of the risks associated with gambling applications. These apps operate in a domain that can be unpredictable and may result in significant losses. It is crucial to understand that all outcomes within our gambling apps are provably fair, randomized, and not controlled by the Dinero Team. Therefore, in the event of losses incurred while playing or gambling, the Dinero Team cannot be held liable. Your participation in these apps indicates your acceptance of these risks and the fairness of the results.

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