🔭 Our Vision

Dinero's first phase, which involved the launch, establishing trust, listing the token on basic platforms, gaining recognition, locking liquidity, and establishing robust tokenomics, is now complete.
Having acquired the necessary funds to bring our vision to life, we are now in our development phase. We will begin rolling out the apps that will form our ecosystem, starting with poker, which we believe will generate substantial revenue. This will, in turn, boost the revenue-sharing system that is to follow. In parallel, other provably fair dApps are being developed and will start to emerge in Q1 and Q2 of 2024. In Q3 and Q4, our legal team will focus on licensing and legalizing the entire ecosystem and apps under a registered entity, ensuring safety, provability, and legal compliance for our users.
Following this, our marketing efforts to acquire users will ramp up, especially since we already have a solid treasury to fund these initiatives. During these phases, we expect to accumulate more resources from token trading and app revenues.
Stay tuned for further updates, as this overview only touches on the breadth of what we are working on and building.